Register Your Pet

If your pet is confident, well-socialized and friendly then chances are they would enjoy the occasional acting gig!

(Pets should live within commuting distance of Vancouver, BC)

Questions about registration, what happens next or how to increase your pet’s chances of booking a gig?  Click button below for answers!


Registration is free & there are never any future fees associated with it.  

Registration is not a guarantee that your pet will get work, but it’s an important step in the right direction!  For more tips on how to improve their chances booking a job check out the FAQ link above.

If you need to leave the form and come back there is a Save and Continue option at the bottom of the form.

When attaching photos from your phone, please attach one at a time, not as a cluster of photos.  Thanks!

Rest assured we will keep your information private & confidential and NEVER give or sell it to anyone.