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Dog Trick Training App!

Free app from renown dog trainer, Kyra Sundance, detailing how to train over 250 tricks & behaviours with pics & videos!  Download below:

Animal Actor & Animal Training Books

-In my opinion, the best dog trick book out there!  Very clear steps to follow, with step by step pictures and very good tips & advice.  A very comprehensive fun book for you & your dog.

-A wonderful & rich look at many well known animal stars from the points of views of their trainers (including an account from me about the most difficult dog I’ve ever worked with who absolutely stole my heart).

-A really fun read written from the adorable & quirky viewpoint of Bonny the Shih Tzu about her experiences becoming a movie dog, filming a star-studded 2012 movie with Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell & Sam Rockwell, and her life away from the spotlight too!

-Specially written for puppies (works with adult dogs too!) Includes tricks and also tons of helpful puppy raising behaviors and advice! 

-A very engaging workbook to help you with your trick training.  If you’re obsessed with notes, charts & results this is perfect for you! 

-While not as thorough as some trick books in terms of instruction this is a great resource of movie trick training and includes tons of behaviors, many specifically suited for film work.  

-The BIBLE for Animal Trainers!  Explores the principles of operant conditioning, giving the reader the base knowledge needed to train any animal any behavior in a positive, reward-based way!

-If you can’t get enough of the animal training you’ll love this collection of stories put together by the author of “Don’t Shoot The Dog”.  Entertaining and insightful with unique stories about training all kinds of animals. 

-This gem is out of print but is very worth picking up a used copy of.  Step by step instructions for dogs, cats, birds and more from renown movie animal trainer Ray Berwick. 

-A well organized and concise book showing how to train cat tricks with easy to follow steps.

-A beautiful guide to building a harmonious relationship with your dog. Clear and concisely written, it feels like it contains everything you need and nothing you don’t.