6 dogs in a row
Claire Holding Bonny

About Me

I’m a freelance Animal Trainer for film, television and print work.

Originally from the Vancouver area, I was one of those kids whose life revolved around animals.  I spent my teen years working at a small animal hospital and riding & training horses and teaching dog obedience classes.  

Once I discovered the possibility of a career training movie animals I never looked back.  In 2000, after extensively working & volunteering with many domestic & exotic animals, I was accepted into Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training & Management program in Moorpark, California.  

I left my home & family to attend the school program, not realizing that I would end up staying in Southern California and working in the Studio Animal industry for 20 colorful years.  I spent that time apprenticing with trainers, helping build successful animal companies and training & working many different types of studio animals including chimpanzees, big cats, birds of prey, monkeys, pelicans, wolves, reptiles, insects & livestock, while specializing in dogs, cats and rodents.

Recently in May of 2021 I moved my family (now consisting of some trained dogs & cats, a husband and a not-so-trained 2 yr old son ;)) back home to BC to be closer to family and the nature I grew up in.

I’m so happy to be back and excited to see how I can contribute to the buzzing BC film industry!

I’m a member of Teamsters Local 399 (Hollywood) and in the process of transferring to Local 155 (BC).  I have dual citizenship in Canada & America and am fluent in English & French.

Please see https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1745610/ for a list of my TV and Movie credits.

My Animals

These are the current members of my studio animal family. 

3 Photos of Honey

Terrier Mix - approx. 35 lbs

4 photos of Bonny

ShitTzu - approx. 9 lbs

5 photos of the dog called Penny

Chihuahua - approx. 10 lbs

3 photos of the dog called Dottie

Dalmation - approx. 48 lbs

4 photos of the dog called Gavin

Greyhound Mix - approx. 70 lbs

4 photos of the dog called Ollie

Spaniel Mix - approx. 28 lbs

Sonny & Simon

Maine Coon Cat Team - 17 lbs each

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Other dogs & cats also available, please contact me for details.  Rodents, birds, reptiles & insects too!

Get In Touch With Me!


+ 1 (604) 790-5642




264th and Fraser Highway, Aldergrove BC  Canada

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