F. A .Q .

Answers to common questions about your pet getting jobs, what to expect and 
how to increase your pets chances of being submitted and picked for projects!

No, it’s free!  Registration doesn’t guarantee work but it’s an important step in the right direction.

Yes!  Often it’s not about tricks or behaviours, it’s about a certain look.  If your pet is confident, friendly & comfortable in new places & around strangers, and you think this is something they might enjoy please do register them!  You’ll always be consulted before they get submitted for any specific job so they’ll never get sent out for anything they are not ready to excel at.

Often, yes.  The trainer running the job will likely work the animal on set though, as they will know how to work around the equipment and with the production, but you will generally be allowed to be there with them. 
The only time we would need to take your pet to set without you (after getting to know them of course) is when the job is union.  Union sets don’t allow non-union members on set, for insurance reasons.  You would be told before the submission process if this is to be the case and can, of course, decide if you’re comfortable with that before okaying that we submit your pet for the job. 

Yes!  In most cases you will get a rental fee for your pet.  The amount is usually around $200-$300 per shoot day & $100-$200 per prep day.

Here are some ways to make your pet more marketable as an actor:

-Expose your pet to as many different environments, situations and people as possible (within the pet’s comfort zone)
-Encourage them to get to know new people by having strangers give them treats (within the pet’s comfort zone)

-Basic obedience training is a great start, especially focusing on “stay” in various positions (sit, down, stand).  Any public classes that focus on positive reinforcement are beneficial for training & socialization. 
-When registering, be sure to mention your pet’s other skills that might come in handy (ie. swimming, diving, ball drive, frisbee catching etc etc).  Feel free to email or text if your pets has learned a new skill that can be added to his or her portfolio!

-Feel free to keep sending updated photos to be added to your pet’s file. 
-Ideal photos are clear without other people or animals in them and should show full body, coat, colour etc, or closeup of face.  Different positions and expressions are great, as are pics showing special behaviours or talents that they have. 
-It is very helpful to know how your pet handles a strobe flash, as these are used in most commercial photoshoots that are shot indoors.  A strobe produces a very quick bright flash of light and make a popping sound, which can be scary the first time an animal is exposed to it.  A good way to get your pet used to a strobe flash is to get their photos taken by a professional photographer.  Make sure it will be done in a studio with a strobe and let the photographer know that this is your pet’s first exposure to the strobe.  Have the photographer pop the strobe randomly while you are with your pet & give them treats & praise whenever it goes off, to form a positive association.  Start further away from the flash itself and work your way in closer as your pet becomes more comfortable with it.  

Easy to work with
-Believe it or not pet “stage parents” do exist.  Please do not be one.  Even if you have the most talented pet in the world if you have an ego about it and/or are difficult to work with productions and animal companies will look elsewhere for talent.  But that’s not you cause you’re relaxed & easy to work with right?  Excellent, so are we! 🙂

Books & Resources  
Click here for links to some books about animal behavior, trick training, movie animal training & the world of animal actors!
-There are also links to a free DOG TRICK APP at the link above (the “Learn More” page of this site)

For cats ask yourself these three questions:

-When guests come over does my cat either come out and interact with them soon after they arrive or come out and ignore them but continue on as if nothing new is happening?

-When I take my cat to the an area outside their home (ie. the vet) are they interested in exploring and friendly with new people?

-Does my cat enjoy snacks and treats?

If you answered YES to all three questions it sounds like your cat is confident, friendly & food motivated enough to enjoy the change of pace and scenery that acting work could offer!

If answered NO to them all, or at least the first two, then acting/modeling away from home is probably not something they would enjoy.

Pawllywood North is located in Langley, BC, about 40 minutes outside of Vancouver.  Right now we’re only looking for pets that are interested in taking part in projects in the Greater Vancouver Area, Fraser Valley or Vancouver Island, so apologies if you came across this site but live in another area!

Yes!  Birds, rodents, reptiles, bugs, even livestock- as long as they are friendly, confident in new situations & don’t mind traveling please feel free to register them.  you never know what potential opportunities may come up!