Pawllywood North was formed by BC native Claire Doré after 2 decades of training animals for film, tv & photography in Hollywood, California.  She aims to bring together like-minded studio trainers and their animals to provide the Vancouver Film Industry with:

How It Started:

“Originally from the Vancouver area, I was one of those kids whose life revolved around animals.  I spent my teen years working at a small animal hospital, schooling and training horses and teaching dog obedience classes.

Once I discovered the possibility of a career training movie animals I never looked back!

In 2000, after extensively working & volunteering with many domestic & exotic animals, I was accepted into Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training & Management program in Moorpark, California.

I left home & family to attend the school program, not realizing that I would end up staying in Southern California and working in the Studio Animal industry for 20+ colourful years.  That time was spent apprenticing with trainers, helping build successful animal companies and training & working many different types of studio animals including chimpanzees, big cats, birds of prey, monkeys, pelicans, wolves, parrots, reptiles, insects & livestock, while specializing in dogs, cats and rodents.

Recently I moved my family (now consisting of some trained dogs & cats, a husband and a not-so-trained young son ;)) back home to BC to be closer to family and the nature I grew up in.

I am a member of Teamsters Local 399 (Hollywood) and Local 155 (Vancouver).  I have dual citizenship in Canada & America and am fluent in English & French.  My local team & I are looking forward to contributing to the buzzing film industry of “Hollywood North”!

-Claire Doré, Pawllywood North